Challenging geografical position on Central European territorry and liberalized gas market in Central Europe allows to company GetWell a.s. Bratislava, Slovakia effectivelly utilise advantages of unique and robust natural gas infrastructure on behalf of gas trading companies and their end-usr´s benefit. GetWell is going to be wholesale internationally acting natural gas supplier, supporting diversification of natural gas sources and routes.

In beginning phase of our activities, natural gas deliveries portfolio is going to be build on base of short-term products and one year natural gas delivery agreements with hydrocarbon exploration and production companies and gas traders, who are active in Central Eastern European region. Our target is to build mutually productive, long-term relationship with customers based on very flexible, safe and reliable fulfilling of customer´s needs. We want to support our Clients in regards of diversification of their gas source portfolio and security of gas supply.

Available gas pipeline transmission capacities, synergies of disponible existing complex of gas underground storages and virtual trading points should bring to our customers requested benefit.

So called „Golden Triangle Area“ (GTA) utilized unique Austria - Czech Republic –– Slovakian occurrence of suitable geological conditions of Vienna Basin as well as availability of technical gas infrastructure and commercial gas trade products in Central Eastern European region. One of the largest European accumulation of underground gas storage capacities interconnected to the robust transmission grid, neighbourhood of Central European Gas Hub Baumgarten with growing liquidity, at the crossroads of east - western and north - south gas transport routes, existing gas exploration and opportunities of the construction of new underground gas storages, there are an important prerequisites for providing of Security of gas supply as well as diversification and flexibility of natural gas deliveries to the customers in the whole of Europe.

Up comming development of GTA will underline it´s importancy and ability to solve potential disruptions of gas deliveries  with significant elimination of negative economical or other  impacts to the end-users in Central Eastern Europe and South Eastern Europe.


Corporate Philosophy

Company GetWell wants to be reliable partner to the gas end-users in industrial segment and gas traders around the Europe with focuss to the neighbouring countries of Slovak Republic, targeting to support diversification of Client´s gas sourcing portfolio, gas transmission routes, flexibility, reliability and sustainability of gas deliveries to the Client´s.

Corporate vision

We wants to bring added value to our Clients and their Shareholders. GetWell wants to support the process of diversification and security of gas supplies in Central and Eastern Europe as well as in South and Eastern Europe.

Corporate mission

Our company wants to create innovative portfolio of commercial products, instruments to promote trade in gas and solutions related to diversification of gas sources, transport routes and suppliers of natural gas. The company will be available to the customer in resolving gas supply disruptions from technical or commercial reasons due to reasons beyond the customer will, if occurred despite following contractual provisions for the supply of natural gas agreed with a counterparty.

GetWell is appreciated to be:

  • Flexible and reliable partner,
  • Team player,
  • Partner bringing new solutions,
  • Partner building mutual trust with it´s Clients,
  • Productive and results oriented parter.

Research & Development

GetWell, a. s. was established on 28th October 2008 and it is registered in Commercial Register of the District Court Nitra. One of the activities of the company is research and development in the field of nature and technical science, retail and wholesale, mediatory activity in the business field, dietary supplements field, and production of feed substances. The company operates in Ukraine and Russia too.

GetWell, a. s. belongs to the small businesses category and its contribution will be the implementation of own research in practice. The company management has vast experience with project implementation based on biomass.

The company owns a competence certificate from Ministry of Education in SR dated 24th October 2010 to run research and development No.: 2010-19610/44630:1-11.

The company successfully researched the project VMSP-II-0011-09 „Preparation of application forms of biologically active substances“ and project „Elimination of additive substances in vine creation process“.

Curently the company is working on the following projects:


We appreciate your queries and requests, which will be answered as quickly as possible. We are available on following address:

Registered office:
„ GetWell, a.s.“ 
Hlavna 561
SK-951 78 Kolinany
Tel.:+421 903 711493